Asset Protection


In the world we live in today, working hard isn’t just about paying the bills from week to week. With every paycheck, you’ve dutifully paid into a 401(k) or other investment account, financially planning for your children’s education, retirement, and personal security.

The world of investments and financial planning is indeed a confusing place – few people have the knowledge and expertise to successfully preserve wealth and make money, especially in difficult times such as these. Conversely, more and more people invest in the stock market each year, never fully understanding what they are getting themselves into.

The truth is, the stock market and unprotected investments can either make you very rich… or very poor!

By now, I’m sure you’ve come to realize that the current economic downturn is the worst the world has seen since the Great Depression. Never before has the entire world come so close to the brink of financial disaster.

If you’re like the millions of people worldwide who invest in stocks and other unprotected investments, then you too have experienced the sick, disturbing reality of seeing your nest egg dwindle throughout this recession. Although the economic downturn began in early 2008, it almost seemed as though we woke up one morning and the prosperity bubble had burst! Since that time, opening your monthly or quarterly financial statements have been nothing less than painful.

Ever notice that during a recession or economic downturn, the rich always seem to get richer, while the common man struggles to keep their job and preserve their assets? It’s no secret that wealth and power gives people access to the ‘tricks of the trade’ that allow them to safeguard their wealth during difficult times, and even make more money in ‘bear markets’.

While the rest of us struggle, the wealthy continue to ride the wave of the recession, keeping their assets preserved through even the most turbulent times. Up until now, these financial secrets have remained unavailable to the rest of us.

The good news, however, is that now you can quickly and easily learn the methods that the ultra-rich use to protect their investments and assets through recessions like the one we find ourselves in today – as now you can join the HK Registered Asset Protection Society. (complete the form on the right  to request information)

  • The HK Society is out of the jurisdiction of the US – so the US Government can not request or demand any information
  • It is a Tax Exempt Society – which makes it eminently suitable for receiving sales and trading revenue without anyone’s heavy hand.
  • Unlike a corporation there are no shareholders – only members. Hence US members have no reporting requirements to their government.

  • The Society can hold your Bitcoins – and retain custody to the private key using an Offshore Trust – with various arrangements that can distribute your Bitcoins to yourself or others whenever needed