Forex Deal

The Forex Deal of the Century is part of an unique marketing program utilized by a few savvy forex brokers.

Yes it is a way to lure in new customers – but that could be the best thing that could ever happen for those who become successful traders!

No it is not a scam. It is based on the statistics that more than 90% of new traders in Forex lose all their initial capital. Therefore the forex brokers are betting on the high probability prospect of getting back what they stake their new clients with plus the capital put in by those new clients.

However for those traders who are smart enough to have learned how to trade before committing any real money they have a windfall – not just making the 100% initial profit from the broker’s gift but then the extra profit they make from having double the amount of capital to trade in their account.You can put the trading odds in your favor by starting your Forex Education here!
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