Google US

Google US has been given new meaning with Democratic values vs. commercial profit


The United States continues to put pressure on Europe. Technology sector became another controversial issue. US officials are not satisfied with technology protectionism of the European Commission, in the first place.

The head of the White House accused his colleagues of intentional restriction of the corporations’ activity in Silicon Valley.

Google US

He believed that such far-fetched measures are directed only at commercial profit. In other words, with the help of administrative barriers, the Old World is trying to limit the commercial profit of US companies what is not favorable for the US.

“We have owned the internet. Our companies have created it, expanded it, perfected it in ways that they can’t compete. And oftentimes what is portrayed as high-minded positions on issues sometimes is just designed to carve out some of their commercial interests,”


US President Barack Obama said. The European answer to this came soon. “This point — that regulations are only there to shelter our companies — is out of line,” a European Commission spokesperson announced. “Regulation should make it easier for non-EU companies to access the single market.

It is in [US companies’] interest that things are enforced in a uniform manner.” Thus, Barack Obama was reminded of what he generally uses as a main argument: of democratic values. Constant attempts to restrain US leading tech companies, including Google and Facebook, caused this dispute. For example, the European official supported a request for forced break-up of Google. However, this step is merely symbolic.