The demand for Currency Protection services is enormous – starting with investors and companies that have assets, business income streams and expenses which need to be hedged against adverse currency moves.

Then there are retirees who, living on fixed incomes, need to insure their nest egg assets from wilting when the local currency tanks.

Next are the many organizations that rely on grants and donations for their survival – but who suffer financial strain when the impact of currency decline causes the streams of funds to diminish.

And there is the general public who would like to make more money – which is otherwise difficult in a depressed economy.

Currency Protection is not just about protecting businesses and investment assets against currency fluctuations – it is also about making money from Foreign Exchange trading opportunities. Membership to Currency Protection will help you learn how to hedge against the risks of currency decline and how to make money trading FOREX – both directly and with managed accounts.

The most attractive features of Currency Protection Membership are:

  • 1) Learning how to make money trading,
  • 2) Getting “TAX FREE” capital to trade,
  • 3) Sharing in the profits being made by other members and clients

Membership at Currency Protection has a number of levels – starting with affiliates.


Affiliates are usually novices to FOREX trading: on joining they can earn money by retailing trading resources and by introducing new members. When you first join you have affiliate status until either you prove yourself as a trader or you make the decision to become a business associate. Membership at the affiliate level is not expensive at just $500 plus outlays for a domain name, website and hosting – essential for every online business.


Business Associates with Currency Protection do not need to master trading – as their role is that of business development managers, who earn commissions in the same manner as affiliates PLUS they share in the trading profits of clients and new members whom the introduce, and they receive “TAX-FREE” trading capital which they can have traded for them via managed accounts until they are competent to trade their own accounts (if desired).

The activities of an associate are basically the same as for an affiliate except there is a greater commitment required of time, money and effort. (The funds required to participate as a business associate are still quite small –  under $1,000).


Above Business Associates are Business Partners. These are persons who regard the Currency Protection business as significant and can appreciate the large amount of money that can be made. Business Partners do not actively trade any trading accounts. Their role is strictly business management – which involves assisting Associates and Affiliates develop business plus allocating funds to professional traders. Successful Business Associates will be invited to become a Business Partner when they demonstrate their abilities.


Professional traders are selected to manage funds for members and clients. Currency Protection management monitors and evaluates a number of professional traders and then allocates funds using a portfolio management approach – so there is no undue risk through concentrating funds in the hands of too few traders. Business Partners should be able to gain portfolio management skills and an understanding of Currency Protection well enough to be able to gain the confidence of the massive market in need of currency management services.

NOTE: Traders must devote their time and efforts to trading and do not have the time nor opportunity to focus on business development, business management and marketing aspects of the Currency Protection business. Novices can not immediately expect to become gung ho traders as it takes time in the markets to become a success trader. All members should want to learn as much as they can about the business of trading and how to gain clients who need Currency Protection. Once you upgrade your status from Affiliate Member you will be able to share profits from the trading side of the business without ever needing to trade yourself – and never risking any of your own money.

If your ambition is to become a successful trader and manage funds for others there will be ample opportunities for you to prove yourself in order to qualify as one of our chosen professional proprietary traders.

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