Protecting Bitcoin


Protecting Bitcoin from the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse is a more daunting task than protecting your holdings in fiat currencies

There is scant regulation, no backing or guarantees, the market price is extensively manipulated and there are miscreants all over the internet – some utter criminals and others just devious gamesters.

  • The price fall from the peak of $1,200 to $310 caused many people a loss on their invested money – similar to the currency crash of the Russian Ruble. Hence Investors or simply merchants who accept Bitcoin need insulation from price declines.

    Currency Protection specializes in such defense

  • The second attack has arisen from Governments – impacting from a) outright bans, b) licensing requirements and c) taxation
  • The third horseman attacking Bitcoiners has been hackers – which the internet no doubt will continue to breed
  • The Fourth Horseman might seem a surprise as it is the Bitcoin owners themselves – brought about by the necessity to remember the security codes needed to access your Bitcoin holdings.

    There are stories such as the sad individual who trashed his computer and forgot that he had stored the access key to several thousand Bitcoins – which at the time would have resulted in the loss of millions of dollars.

    Other memory lapses will no doubt result in many Bitcoins never being able to be retrieved and brought back in to circulation – much to the detriment of their owners.

    NOTE: This article is not suggesting that people get out of Bitcoin – but rather to protect the value of your investments

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